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Posted by Beverly on Apr 9, 2013 in Tablets & Cell Phones
Android Tablets
Android Tablets

With the advent of advanced technology, you could notice huge increase in number of tablets available in the market. Market leaders of the technology constantly introduce several tablets and smart phones with intriguing features using the state of the art technology.

All these tablets are facilitated with varied attractive and useful features. Hence, making the appropriate decision on choosing the best tablet is always confusing. However, Android tablets are the most popular tablets found in the market and is considered the best. Let’s see the pros and cons of the Android tablets and why it is considered the best tablet.

Android tablets are compact and handy device. Many such devices is featured with basic android 2.2 OS, 3G ability, WiFi facility when 3G could not be facilitated and also comes with advanced features of android OS. When you should be in any WiFi area, the 3G will automatically turn off and it is not required to get a 3G plan from the mobile companies for its functioning.  The price of the tablet is highly affordable and cheaper than others. The price of the advanced android tablet and android phones starts from $90.

Battery life is great in the Android tablets, unlike other smart phones and other tablets. Even if it is being charged for an hour, it can be used for about 10 hours for internet browsing. Surprisingly, about 60% of the battery is left even after watching a 3 ½ hours movie completely. The tablet has the ability to pickup WiFi signals even at its weakest. You would be surprised by the WiFi picking up the signal even when located at a longer distance from the main router. The handy and portable size of the device is a big advantage. It can fit in your back jean pocket or even in a medium sized wallet.

However, Android tablets are subjected to few limitations. The speed of the processor should be sacrificed for the size of the device. It is not as fast as an iPad, but more functional than iPad. Charging port is solely attributed to the android tablets and at any cause you have to use a special Charger and need to carry it where ever you go.

When you compare the flexibility, features, price, affordability and easy to use interface, these limitations are actually nothing. Check for the plentiful android tablets available in the market and buy your special android as soon as possible. Get best Android Tablets right now!

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