Yogurt Machine

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Yogurt Machine

Yogurt Machine

Making fresh yogurt has never been so easy! With a yogurt machine, you will only have to transfer a mixture of heated milk and yogurt starter, which you can buy separately, into a yogurt jar and then set the timer. Once fermentation is complete and your yogurt is ready, yogurt machines will shut off automatically.

However, when using a yogurt machine, make sure that the water you will be using is not only cold but also clean. Therefore, it is better to use treated water, cold-boiled water, and/or bottled water. Also remember to clean the yogurt jar, as well as its lid, between uses. To do this, never submerge the yogurt jar in water. Instead, clean the yogurt jar with a damp cloth.

Moreover, when you are looking to buy a yogurt machine, you must consider your individual requirement. This because buying a yogurt machine, like everything else, entails choosing from a long list of manufacturers, each with yogurt machines that have different features and, of course, prices. To help you decide, here are several factors you will have to consider.

First, ask yourself about quantity. How much yogurt do you have to make? The answer to this question really depends on how much yogurt will be consumed by how many people there are in a household. Today, yogurt machines are available in different capacities, the most common of which are those that can accommodate either 1 or 2 quarts or roughly around 4 or 8 cups.

Second, take a look at the configuration of the yogurt machine. So ask yourself how many containers you need and how big these containers need to be. While there are yogurt machines that have 6, 7, or single jars, there are also yogurt machines that have a single jar but with a larger capacity. So which of these configurations is better? Well, each of these configurations has different advantages. Small jar containers, for example, are better whenever different ingredients are used or you want different starter cultures within the same batch. In other words, small jar containers are best used when you have a family with different tastes when it comes to yogurt. Small jar containers can also double as a container complete with a lid, which you can store directly into the refrigerator or bring along on picnics. Yogurt jars with a single larger container, on the other hand, are capable of maintaining heat evenly throughout the jar. Small jar containers are not capable of this.

Third, check if the yogurt machine can withstand low temperatures (i.e. freezer temperatures).  After all, yogurt is always, always best served cold.

Fourth, ask yourself whether you want an electric yogurt machine or not. But remember that in order to effectively ferment milk, the incubator on the yogurt machine must maintain a constant temperature all throughout. For this to be possible, using electricity is useful. However, there are some yogurt machines that use boiling water instead, which can also maintain the temperature in the yogurt machine without the need for electricity.

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